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Our priority is to find a Stem Cell match for Julian.


Only 3.9% of the Canadian Blood Services’ Stem Cell Registry is made up of people of Chinese descent making it hard for patients like Julian to find a match!

Request a swab kit today

Ways to Support 支持方式

Get Swabbed! 拭子測試

If you are 17-35, register to receive a swab kit! We are in urgent need of more Chinese donors for Julian.


Not everyone who registers will be matched to a patient and asked to donate, but each registrant provides hope for those waiting.  

Donate Blood 捐血

Julian and many other patients need blood as part of their treatment.


Donate to the Canadian Blood Services today as they have been experiencing a shortage. 

GoFundMe 捐款

Julian's family has spent their savings on his treatment and wellbeing, and are in need of Financial Support.


Donate to their official

GoFundMe below.

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Spread the word 傳播這信息

By raising awareness, we hope to encourage the registration of more ethnically diverse donors.  Registering will not only help Julian find a match but will also widen the stem cell database to potentially help other families find hope. 

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Write to Julian  留言

Write a message of support to Julian and his family!

Pray for the Ho Family

The Ho Family trust and put their faith in the Lord for his providence and guidance through this difficult time.


Join them in prayer! 


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